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Meet Our Team

Our team of associates are ready for all your make-up learning needs. Learn more about our team at Bloom! Click on their respective links to learn more about each professional trainer here.

Nadia Ermina

Bloom Associate

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Skye Pham

Bloom Associate

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Bloom Associate

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Bloom Associate

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Bloom Associate

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Meet the Team 

Personal make-up education is our expertise, but we genuinely value the relationships that we build in our classes and within our team. For years, Roseanne has been clocking in all hours and working alone day and night training individuals from all walks of life. But meanwhile, she has also been training and building her own team of Bloom Associates to join her one day. 

That day has come. Our Bloom associates are specially trained by Roseanne to deliver you the best in personal make-up education and we are proud of their efforts and continuous interest in our vision and journey.

People are our priority. We promote continuous deve- lopment as the basis of our day-to-day management by offering continuous training, learning by example with a positive attitude and creating a climate in which new ideas can be put forward.

Book a Bloom make-up lesson with one of our associates today, they are ready to share with you new make-up tips and ideas!


Our Bloom Associates are available for booking at various timings, but typically available during weekday nights and weekends. When you book a lesson, we will pair you with an associate for the date and time that you’ve chosen.

Bloom Associates are available for booking for classes in May 2022 onwards.

1. Enquire at +6596317081 (whatsapp, 24/7 daily to book a lesson with us

2. We will check on the availability of the date on your schedule and the associate’s schedule

3. Once we have availability, we will notify you immediately for your booking to be confirmed. Then, enjoy your lesson!

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