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Bloom Ultimate Course

Bloom Ultimate Course

Learn to be a make-up maven with our Bloom Ultimate Course meant to give you full and complete make-up knowledge to tackle any make-up situation. Our Ultimate Course stems from our Bloom Revolution package and features 12 One to One Bloom Revolution Classes from beginners to advanced, a Bloom Book of Notes, a FREE BloomKIT 8 pc Professional Brush Set and a Bloom Certificate of Completion! Find out more below:

What’s included in the Ultimate Course?

12 Bloom Revolution Classes

Take all our signature Bloom Revolution classes from getting your basics right to more advanced courses. These classes are 1 hour each and includes both theory and practical based make-up study. This will surely equip you for any situation that you need to get Bloom-ready for!

Price is inclusive of One to One attention for all classes. It will just be you and the instructor, so in that way, it is completely flexible, personalised and suitable for your face tone and structure.

Take a look at all twelve here.

*the three advanced classes can be swapped for whole look classes instead where you can bring in a look and use the knowledge you’ve learnt to learn how to achieve it!

FREE BloomKIT Brush Set worth $110

Your Bloom Ultimate Course comes with a FREE BloomKIT 8 piece brush set worth $110. This brush set comes with all you need to create any look on a day to day basis. Eliminate the need for that long list of brushes in different shapes and sizes, our specially designed high performance bristles will be all you need.

The set comes with our signature 8 pc make-up brush set, a rose-gold make-up pouch, Bloom signature tutorial cards and a beautiful gift box.

Bloom Book of Notes Textbook worth $50

Keep your notes steady and a book of all that you’ve learnt with our Bloom Book of Notes textbook worth $50 that you will receive with each course. This spiral bound textbook is exclusive to the ultimate course and includes notes on all 12 courses that you will be taking with us.

*Picture is just a representation of the actual textbook. It may differ from this representation in being more in depth and complex as well as the appearance of how the information is presented. As our textbook is exclusive, to preview the actual textbook, please contact us at bloom@bloombyroseanne.com.

5 FREE Practice Sessions worth $200

We believe that practice makes perfect. With the Ultimate course, you will be receiving 5 x 1 hour practice sessions on the classes you have the most difficulty with. During the practice sessions, you will be doing guided practice to hone in your skills and improve.

Bloom Certificate of Completion

You will also be presented with a Bloom certificate of completion when you finish our Ultimate Course!


We wanted to offer Ultimate Course at an absolute saving to you, more than we could ever offer with our Bloom Revolution packages. By taking all these 12 courses, Ultimate course will be even more affordable with all the value added freebies. See the total value below and our offer to you.

There are differences in rates for a course that is entirely taught by Roseanne. Here is the latest course rate for the Ultimate Course:

* As we are constantly being booked, we highly suggest checking our schedule via Whatsapp +6596317081 before you make payment on the website. Thank you!*

Terms & Conditions:

We are entirely flexible. Your Bloom Revolution does not have an expiry date from the date you wish to commence your package. We have students from all over the globe, and understand if travel plans or work gets in the way. You may wish to take your classes as slow or as fast as you’d like.

Schedule a Class, at your convenience

Our classes operate on an open schedule. You may simply Whatsapp us when you’d like to take your class or your available dates, and we will check the schedule for you. If the slot is free, we can schedule you in!

You may also schedule up to 3 hours/classes at a time.

You may take your package as fast or as as slow as you’d like. Some students need to take the course within a matter of days, and will schedule more hours/classes per visit. Some students rather take it slow, and schedule a class a week or even a month. That would be up to you as they are all One to One classes.

Re-scheduling Policy

You are free to reschedule your classes at any moment, hopefully a day in advance would be preferred. Please notify us on whatsapp +6596317081.

Payment Policy

Payment for your Bloom Revolution Packages must be made in full and in advance via bank transfer or paypal before confirmation can be sent to you and proposal of class dates can be made.

To purchase the Bloom Ultimate Course online via Paypal/Creditcard, click here.

To purchase the Bloom Ultimate Course via bank transfer or if you have any enquiries beforehand, feel free to Whatsapp us at +6596317081

Contact us to book your Ultimate Course!

To book, or for any other enquiries, please contact us at:
Email: bloom@bloombyroseanne.com
Phone: +6596317081

To purchase the Bloom Ultimate Course, click here.

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