Bloom Revolution Course

Pick and mix 1-1.5 hour make-up classes. Great for after work. Both theory and practical on a variety of make-up topics.

Pick and mix your own make-up course!

We want to revolutionise the way women learn, use and understand the amazing world of make-up. To do this, we have created the Bloom Revolution Course! Pick and mix from a selection of Revolution classes that covers all your basics of a particular make-up topic in 1.5 hrs – great for an afterwork activity. The package deals make learning fun and affordable. You can also come back for practice sessions too! Decide when you want to have your class and come back to Bloom when you want to. Our new venue is mins away from Chinatown MRT which makes it super convenient.

  • Class Duration: Each session is 1 hour, 12 sessions in total
  • Class Size: One to One
  • Can be taken at your convenience – timing and at our location -195 Pearls Hill Terrace, #03-57, Singapore 168976 (4 mins walk from Chinatown MRT Exit C)
  • Learn over time: Buy a package of classes and use it within 6 months
  • Flexibility: Take two or three sessions at a time, and finish your course at your own timing
  • Practice Class: A class dedicated to you practicing with a tutor on whichever topic you choose. Practice makes perfect. Does not cover new material, but all make-up and brushes will be provided for you to practice.

Pick & Mix Classes:

Now you can custom create your own course. If all you want to know is eyeliner, eyebrows and contouring – you now can. Simply pick a class package (or taking one is just as fine) and tell us which classes you’d like to take with your package. Here is a rundown of our Revolution classes below.


Package Rates:

Terms & Conditions:

Your Bloom Revolution expires 3 months after the confirmation of your package and confirmation of your proposed class dates. All students are guaranteed their classes since the term of the package only starts when the class dates have been confirmed.

Re-scheduling Policy

We understand you have a busy schedule so if you need to re-schedule your class, it’s alright but please notify us at least 2 days in advance. A student will have no more than 5 reschedule options. We will also not be entertaining last minute reschedule requests and it will be deemed an absence on your own account. We will not be able to refund you as you missed the class.

After the date of your expiry, your class package is no longer valid.

Do note that slots are dependant on our current class schedule. If your class is scheduled in the month of your expiry, and it so happens you suddenly cannot make the class, and we do not have any more class slots available in that month – we will have to call it an absence on your own account and we will not be able to reschedule or refund this specific class for you.

Bloom Revolution are by default One to One sessions. However, if another student can join you they will be slotted into the same class. If you’d like to ensure your Bloom Revolution package is 100% One to One, there is an extra fee involved.

Payment Policy

Payment for your Bloom Revolution Packages must be made in full and in advance via bank transfer or paypal before confirmation can be sent to you and proposal of class dates can be made.

As much as we want to be flexible with your re-scheduling because we understand how busy we can get, please keep in mind about the above T&C and we look forward to seeing you in class!

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