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Bloom Associate Skye

Bloom Associate Spotlight


Skye is a professional make-up artist who is passionate about transforming faces and transforming lives through make-up. Her down to earth and beautiful personality makes learning makeup fun and worthwhile. Her favourite make-up brand of the moment is Too Faced and Fenty and she can’t do without lipstick which brings her to life each morning. Learn more about Skye below and enquire her availabilities for make-up classes with us at Bloom!

What is your favourite topic to teach & why?

It certainly has to be how to accentuate those eyes! I really believe that eyes are like the windows to our souls; and my desire to make these windows alluring is simply beckoning. It’s amazing how, with a few deft touches, people can be transformed into a myriad of enthralling faces.


Why do you feel passionate about makeup education?

Teaching, to me, is another avenue to learn. I love meeting and engaging with new people and to achieve this admist potential newfound friendships is bliss. This opportunity to teach is a fresh breath of empowerment that helps to direct other women to find beauty through artistry. 


What are your hobbies or pastimes?

I love flower arrangement and shopping for makeup products, especially those gorgeous eyeshadow palettes. To be honest, I find them so pretty that I can’t bear to use them most of the time!


What makeup journey like? When you first started applying makeup until now?

Everything started after my big day. My makeup artist made me feel I was the most beautiful girl in the world! It was then I felt strongly I had to make other girls feel the same way.

Back then, when work was very busy and tiring, makeup classes were one of the few things I truly looked forward to each time. It is exhilarating when work and passion can be one.

Skye can’t wait to be a part of your learning journey. See her in action below or check her out on instagram @skye_lamour

Educator Availabilities

Skye is currently available on Mondays – Fridays, 7pm – 9pm  and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-9pm.

Class Specialisation

Skye specialises in all classes available at Bloom including One to One lessons, Bloom Revolution packages, Ultimate Course and Signature Workshop.

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