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Bloom Associate Arfah

Bloom Associate Spotlight


Arfah is a professional make-up artist who is a kind and patient instructor. Her thoughtful and intuitive personality makes learning makeup fun and worthwhile. Her favourite make-up brand of the moment is Bobbi Brown and she can’t do without her lip tint from Etude House. Learn more about Arfah below and enquire her availabilities for make-up classes with us at Bloom!

What is your favourite topic to teach & why?

My favourite makeup topic is eyeshadow. It amazes me how one eyeshadow palette can result in many different looks depending on the application techniques. Just to apply eyeshadow is relatively easy. However, learning to apply eyeshadow the right way is no simple task. 

Why do you feel passionate about makeup education?

There is something I find therapeutic about applying makeup; I like to think of it as art. The art of making someone feel beautiful about themselves….nothing beats it!

The power of makeup and the magic it has. It’s such a powerful thing to change someone’s attitude or feeling about themselves. It makes my teaching and makeup work worth it.

What are your hobbies or pastimes?

I love to bake and cook! My past times, reading and yoga-ing!

What makeup journey like? When you first started applying makeup until now?

Since young, I’ve always gravitate towards colours. I am very passionate about art and creativity. I remember back in school, owning an art painting palette. I used my painting brushes pretended like a make up artist painting on my sister’s face. I also recalled sneaking into my mom’s room and being fascinated by her lipsticks! And, as a woman after all, I love the world of beauty and cosmetic. It took me some time to really embark into makeup as there weren’t many academy or schools back in my days. 
2 years back I signed up with Bloom Academy for the Pro Artist course. A decision that affirms my love for makeup, where I learnt various techniques of bridal makeup and hairstyling. I started off with zero knowledge. With the guidance and teaching techniques I learnt here, I succeeded and continued my makeup journey through freelancing and taking makeup assignments. 
Today, I am back at Bloom learning how to teach makeup! I feel makeup is something you get better with each passing day. It’s a continuous effort and you will keep learning every day. My goal is to keep learning and  exploring new things in this field, and hope to impart the skills to others who shared the same passion.

Arfah can’t wait to be a part of your learning journey. See her in action below or check her out on instagram @arfah.artistry

Educator Availabilities

Arfah is currently available on Mondays – Fridays, 7pm – 9pm  and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-9pm.

Class Specialisation

Arfah specialises in all classes available at Bloom including One to One lessons, Bloom Revolution packages, Ultimate Course and Signature Workshop.

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