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Bloom Associate Nadia

Bloom Associate Spotlight


Nadia is a professional make-up artist who loves finding out more about different techniques and make-up secrets. Her engaging personality makes learning makeup  well worth the time. Her favourite make-up brand of the moment is NARS and she can’t do without her blush, lipstick and everyday eyeshadow. Learn more about Nadia below and enquire her availabilities for make-up classes with us at Bloom!

What is your favourite topic to teach & why?

Eye makeup – because it really makes the most difference to the whole look and I get to explore different styles, colours and finishes. While it is fun, but it is also the most challenging part of putting on makeup. I think it keeps me practicing more, in order to become better with makeup.


Why do you feel passionate about makeup education?

I like to help people to refine their looks and hopefully become more confident. I, myself, do feel better after putting on makeup and it’s fun too. I think it is a fun and creative activity like painting, just that the canvas is a face.


What are your hobbies or pastimes?

I used to go KTV a lot but unfortunately due to covid-19, it has been 2 years since my last visit. I do read mangas and watch some animes in my free time. Sometimes, I will also spend time to try the different makeup products I bought, especially eyeshadows. I also love to watch cat videos.


What makeup journey like? When you first started applying makeup until now?

I’ve been interested in makeup since I was young. My mom somehow did buy me some makeup for fun when I was in primary school and I have an aunt who studied makeup in Singapore. I used to see her putting on makeup on others when there were events to attend. I used to only use bb cream/cushion during my first few years of makeup, then eyebrow and mascara. Now, I have a collection of makeup products which mostly are recommended online.

Nadia can’t wait to be a part of your learning journey. See her in action below or check her out on instagram

Educator Availabilities

Nadia is currently available on Mondays – Fridays, 10am-10pm  and Saturdays from 8am-10pm.

Class Specialisation

Nadia specialises in all classes available at Bloom including One to One lessons, Bloom Revolution packages, Ultimate Course and Signature Workshop.

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