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Bloom Educator Roseanne

Bloom Educator Spotlight

Roseanne Tang

Roseanne is a professional and certified make-up artist, beauty expert and founder of Bloom by Roseanne. She loves make-up and beauty so much, she opened up her own personal make-up school to help everyone at least learn the basics of make-up and to start their own personal journey with beauty. She has been the judge of numerous Beauty awards including Her World Magazine, Guardian and more and delivers expert beauty advice in the corporate world to multinational companies. Roseanne has also conducted workshops and classes for companies like Sephora, Benefit, Urban Decay, Clinique and Laneige to name a few. She understands that make-up is hard for every beginner and she treats all her students with utmost care, patience and kindness while keeping to her genuine, fun and bubbly personality.

What is your favourite topic to teach & why?

My favourite is Eyeshadow, especially my Basic Eyeshadow and Smokey Eyes class. Eyeshadow I believe can significantly make your eyes larger than other products can – if you have hooded or single lids especially. I love how you can create so many different looks and explore different colors and textures. It’s the perfect way to play with make-up. 

Why do you feel passionate about makeup education?

Make-up to me helps one live their best life, put their best foot forward and feel like they can conquer the world. Almost everyone who comes to Bloom only knows very little or is just starting out, and to be able to use my experience to help them achieve the right looks suitable for their features and use the right products is an honour. I believe these classes are really effective and helps set them up for life. 

What would you like your student to take away from their classes besides amazing makeup knowledge?

As our classes are so small and usually one to one, I want them to know that I’ll always be there for them for their make-up enquiries and issues even after the class is done. Whether it’s a product they need to buy and don’t know which one or even a look they are not sure they’ve mastered yet – I have a great relationship with my students and they know they can just easily ask and reach me by a simple text. 

What are your hobbies or pastimes?

Spending time with my friends, enjoying food and drinks and a great view with great company. 

What makeup journey like? When you first started applying makeup until now?

My worst make-up experience was when I went to my prom in Senior year. I didn’t know how to use eyeshadow so I applied WHITE right up to my eyebrow! I also filled in my brows entirely because I didn’t know and I looked like I had a unibrow. Thank God, that was then and now it’s a different story. I learnt everything the harder way, but Bloom will be your shortcut!

Roseanne has been online for years prior to opening a make-up school and she loves experimenting with her own looks. Here are a few! You can also catch her on youtube.com/roseannetangrs or @roseannetangrs on instagram!

Educator Availabilities

Roseanne is currently available on Mondays – Fridays, 10am-10pm  and Saturdays from 8am-10pm.

Class Specialisation

Roseanne specialises in all classes available at Bloom including One to One lessons, Bloom Revolution packages, Ultimate Course and Signature Workshop.

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