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Product Care

Product Care

Our brushes are handmade with love, made with quality materials. Our special high performance bristles are synthetic and require a little lovin’ too. Here’s how to get the best our of your BloomKIT brushes.

Deep Cleaning/ Washing Your Brushes

Cleaning your brushes is easier than before. Simply take any bar soap (yes, even your hotel’s soap bar) will do and following these steps:

  1. Wet your soap bar and put your brush under the tap until completely soaked. Turn off the tap.
  2. Run your brush onto the wet soap bar back and forth until the bristles get soapy and bubbles form. At this point, you will see the make-up start to run off from the bar into the sink. For brushes with foundation or other liquid products, rinse the brush and repeat this step until all the make-up runs off and the brush is clean
  3. Rinse throughly the brush with water until no soapy residue is left. For powder make-up, feel free to use J&J Baby Shampoo instead of the soap bar as well.
  4. Refer to Drying Instructions to dry your brushes properly.

This is a deep cleaning method and should be done every 2-3 days to ensure the highest performance from our specially cut bristles. We do recommend deep cleaning brushes used for liquid products after each use.

Drying Your Brushes

If your brushes are not dried in the proper manner, water may seep into the metal ferrule, loosening the glue between the ferrule and handle. This is a common issue amongst all make-up brushes in all different brands. Please follow the following steps:

  1. After the last step of “Cleaning your Brushes” and the brush is ready for drying, pick any table top or counter top for drying your brushes. Make sure the area is well ventilated.
  2. Put the brush on the counter top, lying flat onto the table, with the hair and ferrule balancing on the edge of the table (in the air), and the handle on the the table top or counter top.
  3. This will ensure the water does not leak into the ferrule as the brush is lying flat on the table

Please avoid the following actions when drying your brushes:

A. Sticking your wet brush back into the holder or upright right after rinsing
B. Putting your wet brush in a enclosed area such as a drawer or cupboard before drying

Spot Cleaning

If you want to spot clean your brushes, meaning to clean your brushes on the surface in case you’d like to change make-up etc., you can look at these possible options:

  1. Getting isopropyl alcohol on a tissue and lightly running your bristles and removing the make-up. The alcohol will evaporate and sanitise your brushes.
  2. Using a micellar water to do the same, but drying time will take longer
  3. Running your brush on a microfibre cloth
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