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Bloom Associate Vanessa

Bloom Associate Spotlight


Vanessa is a professional make-up artist who is passionate about education. Her super fun and lively personality makes learning makeup fun and interesting and there is never a dull moment in the room when she’s there. Her favourite make-up brand of the moment is NARS and she can’t do without her blush, lipstick and everyday eyeshadow. Learn more about Vanessa below and enquire her availabilities for make-up classes with us at Bloom!

What is your favourite topic to teach & why?

Flawless Base! Especially helping someone with good concealing. The base can be totally transformational for those dealing with skin concerns like blemishes, acne scars or even the signs of aging. It helps to cover up any flaws that may cause insecurity allowing you to tackle the day with confidence.


Why do you feel passionate about makeup education?

I feel passionate about teaching makeup because I want all women to know that makeup is important. Make up is an act of self care and it allows you to express yourself. It holds a lot of power, enhancing our natural beauty on the outside while also igniting our inner beauty and it makes you feel more confident.


What are your hobbies or pastimes?

I love exercising to keep me strong and healthy. I also love cooking or learning how to cook because it is a good stress reliever for me. I really like to play with my dogs and listening to music while singing and of course shopping!


What’s your personal make-up style?

My personal make-up style is something that is bolder and more fun. 


What makeup journey like? When you first started applying makeup until now?

I remember the first time learning eyebrows and I was intimidated by the prospect of having to draw them on myself. I realised that life is short and I should always give myself a chance in learning something new. Make-up anyways I can always remove and I’m glad I took a chance!

Vanessa can’t wait to be a part of your learning journey. See her in action below or check her out on instagram @vaneth76

Educator Availabilities

Vanessa is currently available on Mondays – Fridays, 10am-8pm  and Saturdays from 8am-3pm.

Class Specialisation

Vanessa specialises in all classes available at Bloom including One to One lessons, Bloom Revolution packages, Ultimate Course and Signature Workshop.

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