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  • Basic Tools, Technique & Theory
  • Basic Tools, Technique & Theory

Basic Tools, Technique & Theory




About this Class:
Do you know what all your brushes in your kit is for? Or perhaps what undertone you are? Or maybe you wanna differentiate a great eyeshadow from a mediocre one. Then, this class is totally for you and so important. It sets apart the people who fully understand makeup from those who just go through the motions. It unleashes a whole new creative world for you because with this course, you'll finally get make-up and all that it has to offer. Basic Tools, Technique and Theory sets the stage for you and walks you through topics like face anatomy and basic definitions to classic application methods that everyone should know. Unlike conventional hands on classes, you won't need to do make-up on yourself. Instead, you'll be trying out different textures in my specially designed interactive demos throughout the class. 
In This Class, You'll be Learning: 
Types of Brushes & Sponges Functions of different shapes, synthetic vs. animal hair, sponges, cleansing
Face Anatomy Terms used for different facial areas in make-up, the "what goes where" 
Application Methods Common application methods - patting, blending, dabbing and stippling
Color Theory/Undertones Finding your undertone, discovering complementary colors, color wheel
Skincare for Make-up Make-up removal, moisturising skin, removing dry flaky patches 
Understanding Skintones Dark, Fair, Medium skintones and the best colors, textures and finishes for all
Skin Types  Discovering if you have oily, dry and combination skin and what to do next
Textures and Functions Shimmer, Glitter & Matte textures and how they mould or shape the face
How to Buy the Right Make-up Properly swatching make-up and discerning great from mediocre products
Make-Up Starter Kit Example Must-have types of products you need in a personal basic starter kit
Duration: 2 Hours - interactive demonstrations to understand the above concepts. 

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