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Our Services

Now that you know what we're all about, here's what we can do for you!

1. Hands-on Personal Makeup Classes

Our make-up classes are in small groups of eight so that you get the attention you need. All classes are three hours long and are split up into two parts - the "demo" where you can learn and the "practical" where you use what you've learnt on yourself (while we guide you of course!). The make-up and brushes will be provided so all you have to bring is yourself. We have a variety of classes available from basic to advanced levels. If you'd like to book an entire class for a Hen's party, bridal shower, baby shower etc., just email us! Find out more about our classes here

2. One to One Lessons 

If a class setting is not for you, you can opt for a one to one lesson instead in the comfort of your own home. The rate is charged per look and a transport fee is included. In our one to one lessons, you get to custom create your lesson. 

3. Corporate Workshops

Want Bloom in your office? We're happy to come over to your office to conduct corporate make-up workshops as well. Plus this makes for a great team building activity! 

4. School Workshops

We're also happy to work with schools and universities - on a short term and a long term basis - to provide personal grooming for students. 

5. Event Make-up Demos

Need a demo done for a special event you're having? Bloom is happy (and very entertaining) to do make-up demos as well. 

6. Make-up & Hair Services 

Personal hair and make-up services for weddings, parties, DNDs or prom

To book any of these services, please email us at For hands-on personal make-up classes, please book your class on our website. We're excited to help you look bloom-ready!



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