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Bloom Testimonials

"Small class - can concentrate and help everyone and it's easier to voice out also. The worksheets are good because you can bring it home and look at it again. There's alot of hands-on practice after the demo and lighting and presentation is great. Thanks for being a great teacher! Love it also that we have our own tools - Nuraishah Shaly

"Roseanne is friendly and nice. Her classes are a laid-back way to learn more about make-up application. I enjoyed her hands-on approach. The small class size makes it easy to ask her questions. It makes learning fun! - Angeline Gunawan

"The class is good because it starts with basics, getting your foundation (knowledge, tools, techniques) which is important. It is casual and friendly and feels easy to ask questions or clarify doubts. It is also hands - on and practice makes perfect! - Elsa

"The environment is elegant and quiet. The small class makes me more comfortable. I like the cheerful teacher, she is detailed about the topic and very patient in guiding us during the hands-on" - Faridah Ismail

"The class is simple enough for those who do not use much make-up. The hands on part of the class is great and there are clear instructions & great notes." - Kwek Shi Yun

"She is really patient by going through step by step on how to apply foundation, learning the techniques of applying foundation which suits me best and telling me the products to use for my skin" - Qilin 

"The class was extremely informative and knowledge of different brands of make-up was very good. It is a small and personal class. I would definitely recommend the make-up classes to my friends - Agnes Lo 

"The class was perfect. I didn't know know so much till I attended it. Make-up instructor was patient, kind and informative. Very encouraging and for sure will come back for 3rd, 4th and 5th time! And more to come" - Debbie 

"Roseanne is patient, attentive, and super helpful. The class was very useful and taught me easy to do quick make-up for everyday! - Tasia

"Great & fun class. Learnt many tips that is hassle free for everyday make-up look." - Audrey

" I really love how well planned the course is. Roseanne is really bubbly, which makes the class fun to get through. Learnt lots today and I can't wait to apply her professional techniques daily. Her make-up skills are amazing." - Isabelle

"The class is really informative! Especially for beginners like me who know nothing about make-up! Now I know! Thanks Roseanne :)! - Shoz

"If you know nuts about make-up, Bloom is the best place for you to learn! The best take-away of the lesson is not just knowing how to put on basic make-up but the knowledge you gained out of it at the end of the day" - Pamela

"I enjoyed the class at my own pace. Being a beginner in doing make-up, I've learnt important tips which I wouldn't have noticed without going for the class." - Jessica 

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