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Bloom T&C

How to Book:
For Signature workshops - add the workshop to cart and check-out using Paypal. We will immediately email you to schedule in your class.

For Bloom Revolution Course - please email us at or enter your booking details into the Bloom Revolution contact form here

For One to One Class - please email us at or purchase the class via Paypal first and we will immediately email you to see which topics you'd like to learn.
What to Bring

At Bloom, all you need to bring is yourself! All make-up will be provided by Bloom and each student will be able to rent an expert brush set by 13rushes (that you can view here) absolutely free of charge for the class. The class will be taught with the same set. If you'd like to purchase the set during or after the class, be prepared to bring cash (SGD $160) on hand. It is best for you to come to class as a bare-faced beauty but we do have make-up remover. Feel free to bring your own make-up or make-up brushes if you feel comfortable but do know that the price of this class is inclusive of the usage of these items. We look forward to helping you get Bloom-ready! 

Booking Policy:

Bookings can now only be made in twos (2pax) or fours (4pax). Grab a friend and have her learn with you or grab a group of friends! Simply the select the options above to see the rates for 2 people and for 4 people respectively. If you would like to book yourself a seat only, we provide one to one lessons too - click here to find out more We seat a min. of 2 people in one class. 

Payment Mode:

Payment is made in full at checkout with no deposit payments being entertained. Feel free to pay with Paypal that allows Visa and Mastercard transactions. Bank transfer is also possible upon special request. Please email if you would like to purchase a class through bank transfer and we will proceed with payment individually. Note that priority is given to those who purchase and checkout online. When payment is made, your seat will be booked for you and you will receive a receipt stating your purchase as well as where our exclusive location is. 


Once payment has been made, casual refunds will not be allowed - only exchanges for a different date and time. Date and time exchanges are allowed no less than three days before your chosen timing. If you would like to do an exchange, please email us nonetheless and we will put you on the list in case there are other parties who wish to exchange with you. If we do not find someone for you, this issue will be your responsibility and we will not be able to give you a refund. If you miss the class or arrive late to the class that you have confirmed, it is your responsibility and no exchange or refund will be given to you. We are also sorry that we cannot entertain last minute cancellations. This is because this is a time based business. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you do one on one lessons?

Yes we do! For our one on one lessons, you can customise what you'd like to learn. Learn more here.

If I want to learn only one part of a certain class, does the price of the class become cheaper?

We will not be able to accomodate your request, but we would still like to hear your feedback. Please email us at if you have any advice on class ideas. If you'd like to design your own class, why not opt for a one on one lesson?

Does Roseanne Tang teach all the classes?

As of now, Roseanne does teach all the classes. 

Where is your location?

Our location is at 17B Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088329. It's right across from Outram MRT Exit H (purple line) in the heart of the CBD. Only one or two stops away from major corporate areas like Tanjong Pagar, Raffles Place, City Hall and Harbourfront Stations! 

I have very sensitive skin and I am scared to share make-up, do you have a solution?

As stated in our terms and conditions we are not responsible for sensitive skin cases. We'd still love to have you in class and even Roseanne has sensitive skin. If you are very worried, feel free to bring your own make-up that you're comfortable with or opt for a one on one lesson!

Is there food during the class?

Light snacks and drinks are available for you in class. 

What if my eye shape is different from everyone else's in class? 

Not to worry. We will be helping you in the class as well. For example, if we are teaching on a different eye shape than your own, we will notice yours and mention how you would change your technique for your eye shape. Any questions that you have during the practical part of the class will also be answered. 

What if I have more than 8 friends? 

As of now, Bloom only seats a group of up to 8 at our location. We are happy to move around though so if you do have more than 8, settle on another location and we'll be there. Email us at to discuss more.

I have very dark or fair skin, do you have my skin tone available?

We have all skin tones available at Bloom. If you don't feel secure, feel free to bring your own foundation!


Once payment has been made, we are not liable for any skin issues caused as we only use mainstream and high quality commercial brands that have already been dermatologically tested. We ensure that all of our make-up are of well-known brands and companies that you should be familiar with and they have been cleaned. Your payment is a declaration that you do not have any spreadable health concerns. If you do, please email and we will do a date and time exchange. This is extremely important and if we do discover that you are ill on the day, we unfortunately have the right to kindly refuse entry and we will have to reschedule another time slot for you when you feel better as our client's health is of utmost importance. Thank you :)


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